We make decisions
visible, measurable
and manageable.

Fingertip is the online decision making application. Fingertip solves the core problem organizations face: How to make better and more productive business decisions. It fits all types of organizations.

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Fingertip is your new mobile business operating system.

  • Efficient, productive decision making & planning
  • Scales from small to large organizations
  • Manages everyday business decisions to corporate governance
  • Streamlines, documents and creates audit trail
  • Mobile & Desktop 24 / 7
  • Priced for organization-wide use
  • Installs & deploys in minutes without lengthy implementation
  • Online onboarding and training programs available
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The core features of Fingertip are built around one purpose: to enable you and your organization make better decisions.

Fingertip supports transforming your business by focusing on organizational decision making. Check out our use cases – learn the how’s and benefits of Fingertip.

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Fingertip is all about Social Decision Making

Good decisions are not made in isolation. Social decision making is all about collaboration, accountability, and commitment.  

Good decisions require collaboration. They require shared knowledge and analysis of data, different pieces of information, points of view and expertise. With Fingertip, you can harness the skills and knowledge needed, by gathering the people whose ideas and opinions are relevant to the issue at hand. Invite just a few colleagues or crowdsource your whole organization.

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Is your company designed to grow and move fast?

  • Objectives and Strategy Alignment
  • Social Decision Making and Accountability
  • Agile Methods for the Digital Age
  • Your Competitive Edge in the Digital Economy


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The new way to decide!

1 process = 1 tool

Fingertip handles decisions from ideation, through finding solutions, deciding, executing and evaluating. It gathers the end-to-end decision process into one tool and eliminates the need for a myriad of tools with a streamlined experience.

Want to dig deeper into our philosophy?

We believe that the highest growth potential in productivity is social decision making – to the extent that we have even written a book about it. Get a free copy and learn how to make work-life more meaningful.

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