Make measurable, manageable and efficient decisions

Fingertip helps organizations to facilitate Decisions, collaboration, commitment and delivery.

Fingertip brings to organizations a process for decision making and a tool that drives this process.

Create work that has meaning and purpose

We want to create a world where we see meaning and purpose in our jobs.
We can achieve this by improving the way we make decisions.   One decision at a time.

Enter the Salesforce ecosystem

Fingertip is a native application within the Salesforce ecosystem that allows organizations to make decisions and connect them to any other part of Salesforce. is the industry-leading CRM platform that has become the world’s leading enterprise cloud ecosystem.


Watch Fingertip - Better business comes from better decisions

  • Fingertip Story.

    Fingertip was founded by Jaakko Pellosniemi, a serial entrepreneur, after he realized that organizational decision making is in a devastating shape. Fingertip was born 2010 in order to provide organizations an application, a process and a philosophy to improve their internal decision making.


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We are making better decisions


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